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Why would you want a lover to step aside while his bf knocked up and married a woman?

Who fucking cares that much other than Renner himself. Because they are trashy midget hillbillies like him, R Is that girl really Oldehoff? Not in Thais lifetime. Naked indian breasts. Oh whatever HOE R65 you ain't tough. Sonni pacheco nude. Can someone please tell me if Winters is his stepbrother? Better than arrogant actors who crash weddings for the free booze and are rude to the wedding party.

Jesus you're such a bunch of brain dead desperate morons. R I troll dar'd you, fanatic. The Ginger and the Jezza and a new 20 something one? THIS is a model. I hear he has some thrOat contrOl and luvs sucking deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ;O. Love me some trashy midget hillbilly. Huge black tits porn videos. Why are you guys obsessed with this guy? R64 Nice show of bravado, you old blowhard, but there are no other pics of Renner with his kid recently.

It's just too bad they had to stumble upon this site instead of sticking to imdb and tumblr with their fellow fangurls. Look at the link. R94 Proof he really, really likes women! R26 'the gay' really, fanfrau. Either way she has too much internet access. Sonni is a man. Down in flames goes yet another one of your deluded "love nest for the ltp gay boys" - yet once again.

This isn't going anywhere. Have you not ever seen a photo of him? How can Winters be with such a self-loathing asshole? He shows off for them and then kicks them to the curb the first time they don't worship him. You keep trying to fuck with those poor souls from IMDB boards that you conned into giving out some personal information. Any or is good pr so long as their talking about you. Oh he'll mess with you. Baby girl needs a sibling! Your grammar and spelling are far from perfect but that adds to the overall artistic effect.

Let the war begin.!! R Sonni - get over yourself.

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A good 'ol fuck fest session will calm your type of dog. Naked black women legs spread. Save your soap box shit for Cafemom. You are here to throw up the mental disease that has filled you with back rotting snot and we'll aged smegma onto the only venue you have. The only info you have to go by is that slant board outside the door which is totally hidden by 43 people standing in front of it.

Just look at the mess Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods are in again. I think you are one of those looney British Tumblr stans - the needlework frau that lives in nowhere Britain and loves country music - could you be that sad creature? Kris and Renner's mom moved in together at the end of the Renner show marriage. Did you by any chance grow up in Modesto?

Baby girl seen from the back only. Go out find someone else to satisfy you as it seems your boyfriend is not good enough as you are here defenfing someone who wouldn't touch you with a stick. Sonni pacheco nude. The only person smiling in these pics is the beard. Naked women solo. He's probably fucking him this week. Someone's telling the Ho to stop bitching about money she never earned or is entitled to. Renner needs a sober coach and a mentor stat.

He's not A list. Time to get your fantasy -- revised to reality. R Fuck off incest troll. R85 For an 80's theme party.

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Reality is thanks to Winters business savvy 20 years ago when these two met at a 'acting workshop' Weho happy hour they lived rather comfortable lives in Hollywood compared to other struggling unemployed actors of their generation. Here comes another expensive mistake. Let her sink into oblivion once and forever. Dwarf porn hub. They hate anything human because they see themselves for what they're not.

Some actual reality check. If you have any dirt to post about Renner,you know the closeted asshole who chose Sonni as his beard, stick with that. Why are you guys obsessed with this guy?

Has he changed agent for good? Try again, Incest Troll. So, please let Renner go, pick a celebrity crush who isn't gay or one you're willing to accept is gayand frau it up over them anywhere but here. R69 I wouldn't post if I didn't drink. We can talk bs all night, but who gives a shit when Caitlin Jenner has arrived!!! R46 someone who feels homophobic should not be on this gay website. He shows off for them and then kicks them to the curb the first time they don't worship him.

Because we all know Renner's fucking Winters, so that's like brother fucking right? I don't know how Instagram or any social media works, so I can't link it. Both have jobs that take them away from home base. This doesn't mean he's gay! When there's actual physical photographed dated legitimate proof, then you can say yes he is. Said he was there a lot longer than 15 minutes, and refused to take pictures with the couple because then he would have to take pictures with everyone there.

Bahahahahahahaha What a fuck up he is! It is in the "Say it isn't so, Jeremy! The only crime at that reception was how those godawful women were dressed. Don't be mean to donkeys, R5. It's not showing at [italic]allll

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Every time that bitch comes here, she goes on and on for 10 fucking paragraphs. After her second bottle of wine, those odd words creep in. She'd rather speak on her cell phone. Sable wwe nude pics. There was a funeral scene filmed for the new Captain America movie. Desi xxx woman I doubt he crashed the wedding on purpose. A 26 years old model, often half naked, "in love with LA". Either that, or he just wandered in, without first realizing it was an actual reception, had a drink and that was that. Sonni pacheco nude. If Renner were really as horrid as you make him out to be, you wouldn't need to sit around racking your shrunken brain for these sad lies.

But gay men do have female friends. R I troll dar'd you, fanatic. She's a whore but she has to survive someway too as long as she is alive. He's with his boyfriend in these photos, who gives a shit about the girl?

This doesn't mean he's gay! You are just throwing random shit against the wall trying to create yet another sleazy lie about this guy.

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