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I woke up this morning and felt my baby kick for the second time. The feeling is hard to explain. It is unlike any other and I don’t think it will ever get old. While my wife has been pregnant for almost six months now, I have not been able to feel him like she has. This moment made it more real that I am becoming a dear old “Dad”.

It was a “Cats in the Cradle” moment for me. I thought about how growing up I wanted to be just like my dad in every way. I played the sports he liked to play, I watched the TV shows he liked to watch and I played music just like him. Dad taught me a lot about life. He formulated my personal brand into what it is today. He showed me how to fix just about everything around the house, he showed me how to act in public and private, he taught me how to keep my word, he showed me the finer things in life and taught me the meaning of being a good man. How do I teach my son all of this? Where do I begin?

These thoughts poured through my mind. I started to over think it. The fact is I have already begun. I just have to be myself. I have to continue to stay level-headed, calm and thoughtful. This is the biggest change my life may ever endure. When I think back to other big changes in my life I think about getting married, losing my grandparents, Dad being in the hospital, getting a new job, losing friends and gaining new ones. Throughout each of these situations, it was best to simply be myself in the end.

Do I know if my son will prefer to listen to Otis Redding or Kanye West? No, no I don’t. What I do know is that I will always be my best self and bring him up the only way I know how. I will embrace the little man he is and the grown man he will become – just like my dad did for me. I will always put forth my best effort because that is what he deserves. After all, he could be President one day, you never know.

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