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rubiks_cubeSome may call the persistent one a dream chaser. That they may be. However, Is life not made out of dreams? As children we had dreams of grandeur. Do you remember yours? Things like wanting to play basketball alongside Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls was attainable as a child.

So what happened since then? A little something that certain people call reality set in. The reality of bills and responsibilities – these things are inescapable. The persistent one does not let this hold him or her down. I would aim to bet that if I asked Michael Jordan today what his dreams were as a child he would say to play basketball alongside Dr. J or Wilt Chamberlain. His grades were not the best. He was told he was not tall enough. His other siblings out-shined him in everyday life. With many things going against him, it was his persistence, and a little encouraging from his parents, that allowed him to attain his dream.

For some, dreams like this are still attainable. Dreams make the world a better place. Dreams do not die because you get another year older and have more responsibility. They only get hidden and lost in the dark shadows and cobwebs of your mind. What was your dream growing up? Have you thought about it lately? Not every one of us can be Michael Jordan, an astronaut or the next President. However, we all have a potential that you may not completely understand.

Persistence is unpopular because it is really easy to feel defeated. Defeat has many friends and they are all happy to grab a beer with you. Rejection probes the feeling of defeat. Some people give into it faster than others. Most give up on the dream to quickly, In my world, giving up is not a choice. On one walk with my Dad growing up I remember that he told me that a good person never quits. He reiterated the saying popularized by W. E. Hickson “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Now I admit, I have tried to fall to a defeatist attitude at one point or another, but nothing can stop me from remembering that simple talk with Dad.

Being in competition and getting knocked down is a very real part of life. Very few people succeed the first time they try something, let alone the 800th time. When Thomas Edison created the first light bulb he did not complain about how long it took him. He simply said, “I haven’t failed. I’ve found 1,000 ways how not to make a light bulb.”

Our Scottish and Polish ancestors did not come to America by boat for me to say I cannot do something. That is the whole point of America. America was and is built on persistence. Those who have it can change the world. Those who do not, work for them.

Which will you choose?

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