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Dropping the F** Bomb at Work!

03_zappos-employeeNo, not that f-bomb.  In this case, the ‘f’ stands for fun! You may ask if work and fun can be synonymous. The answer is ‘yes.’ Companies need to brand themselves from the inside out to create happy employees. Happy employees work harder, While certain companies are doing it right, others are suffering through the day-to-day struggles.

Fun does not mean not doing work. Fun means having an enjoyable environment. It involves hardworking people who want to be able to take a break to re-energize. It is a management team who understands that happy employees make the best employees. A fun work environment is not meant for the lazy or undetermined. It is meant for the go-getter, the innovator and the rule-breaker. This type of work environment expects and retains the best.

Branding your company as one that is fun and full of life is not easy. It takes a good amount of thought and a culture that encourages you to enjoy your work life. Here are a few examples of work environments that brand themselves from the inside out:

  1. Google: Google probably makes every one of these lists. It just goes to show if you do something right, you will be recognized. Here is a great explanation of what Google does to make work fun.
  2. Brogan & Partners: Every year Brogan takes their entire company on a mystery trip. No, not the mystery trip your grandparents took with their senior unit to Branson, Missouri. Real vacations to tropical paradises. The catch is they do not tell them until they get to the airport. Pretty cool, huh? Yea, they know how to have fun. They also encourage you to bring your dog to work.
  3. Zappo’s: This office environment is not state of the art like Google. It is not relaxing like Brogan. It is what is known in the corporate world as ‘cube-ville.’ This boxed in world is very different from the average though. They ask employees to have a lot of fun with their cubes. It is not unusual to have props hanging from the sides of the wall cubes and even the ceilings to make the space their own. See what I mean here.

Now you may be thinking that your work environment is nothing like that. Not to worry. There are things you can do. If your work is stuck in the past, you can step up and make change. Sometimes it only takes one person to get the fun started at work. If you were a small business owner, what would you do differently to foster creativity and fun at work?

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