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Life is Too Short

I will do it tomorrow. I will get to it eventually. I will stop by someday soon. I will get back to you.  We say these things daily. In the wake of events such as the Boston marathon bombings and Sandy Hook Elementary shootings we are reminded why life is much too short to wait. Putting something off until tomorrow is another day lost, and what if tomorrow never comes? For some, as in the bombings or shootings, it did not.

Emails go unanswered and life goes on. Phone calls go answered and life goes on. You can either choose to let everyone have 24/7 access to you via smart phone technology and move at the speed of sound, or you can take a step back. If you choose to take a step back maybe you will have a chance to give back to your community, church, or family. By this, I am not saying to quit work and devote your life to others. What I am saying is that there are things more important than work. Things such as a loved one’s smile, helping someone less fortunate, or taking time out of your workday to help a charity that is close to your heart, remind you that there is good in the world.

You are part of that good. Sometimes it is easy to forget that. It is easy to rush off to work without kissing your spouse goodbye for the day. It is easy to get upset because the older lady in front to you is taking too long checking out at the grocery store. It is easy to not help a family member move into their new apartment. Did you ever think it might be the last kiss you give your spouse? Did you ever think this might be the only person this older lady talks to all day long, or that she needs help loading groceries into her car? Did you ever think that it may not be easy for a family member to ask for help?

Sometimes it is the simplest things in life that we miss out on. We forget how lucky we are. Celebrate life. Step back and enjoy what is around you. Help others in the simplest ways. And, don’t forget to smile.

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